No longer a labour intensive and manual procedure

Our SRV launch and recovery system (LARS) is a complete handling solution enabling the fast, safe and repeatable launch and recovery of the submarine rescue vehicle to and from the vessel aiding in a rapid response to a dead submarine distress call.  

The LARS has advanced in recent years where the prime focus has been on the removal of operators from the launch and recovery process. What was once viewed as a largely manual procedure which required several operators/personnel to dock the submarine rescue vehicle (SRV) into the deck reception cradle (DRC) is now accomplished via a single operator from a wireless control pendant.  

Improving the automation of this system has been possible by increasing the functionality of the deck reception cradle. The DRC’s function during recovery is to receive the SRV from the A-Frame and traverse the vehicle until it successfully docks with the transfer under pressure (TUP) module, only then can rescuees be transferred to the decompression chamber to acclimatise.  

render image of submarine rescue vehicle LARS in white
submarine rescue vehicle LARS

Features launch & recovery system SRV

  • fast launch and recovery (approx. 10 mins) 

  • repeatable placement at the transfer under pressure system within +-2mm 
  • tetherless (wireless) control – operator can control the full launch and recovery from any point at the aft of the vessel 
  • increased functionality of the DRC for increased control and access for maintenance operations 
  • automated control handover of the SRV between A-frame and deck reception cradle.

These features and functions, combined with the tether less control of the system, makes for a highly improved launch and recovery design with unparalleled levels of operator safety.  

Navy vessel with Submarine rescue system
NATO submarine rescue system (NSRS)


We delivered the handling system for NATO submarine rescue system (NSRS), a vital part of a high specification emergency response system. The system has been mobilised on different vessels, both commercial charters and those from the partner organisations. We played an active part of the operational team providing both technical and on-site support.

artist impression of vessel with LARS for submarine rescue vehicle

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