Royal IHC acquired Fraser Hydraulic Power (FHP) in 2015.

FHP began its life in 1986 when brothers Ron and Peter Fraser funded the start-up of the company with the sale of their small yacht. They initially carried out repairs on hydraulic systems in factories and shipyards around the Tyneside area.

Three decades and four locations later, the company has grown into an international business supplying electro-hydraulic systems to all corners of the world. This expertise has enabled expansion into new product streams and it has worked in the offshore cablelay market for over 20 years.

We carry out all equipment design in house and our primary assembly location is in Newcastle upon Tyne, where we have a state of the art workshop. In addition, we are experienced in conducting assembly projects in remote locations, including at IHC sites globally.

We own and manage a hire fleet of offshore cablelay equipment. This is accompanied by experienced operators who provide expert support on short- and long-term rental projects.

Being part of a larger group means we can combine our service offering with other IHC business units. This enables us to provide turnkey solutions from spreads of equipment right through to fully integrated vessels.