Pipe-handling systems

IHC delivers turnkey pipe-handling solutions providing the most optimum lay rates, based on its proven track record of over 40 years.

IHC provides pipe-handling systems for the transportation and manipulation of single, double and multiple pipe joints from the storage area through the S-lay firing line and over a stinger, or into the J-lay tower.

  • Control systems  developed in-house
  • Track record of over 40 years
  • Designed to the highest safety standards
  • Reliable and robust design
  • Turnkey delivery as part of J- or S-lay system

Custom design, turnkey delivery

IHC’s pipe-handling systems are designed with safety and reliability in mind. They are able to handle pipe diameters ranging from 4-70” with a pipe joint weight of up to 40t for a single joint. The hydraulic or electric driven systems can be fully integrated with IHC’s S-lay tensioners or J-lay loading arms, and are controlled by its in-house control systems. In addition, we can provide an integrated solution with third-party welding and coating equipment. IHC can take full responsibility, from the concept design to onboard testing and commissioning.

Pipe-handling system components

IHC provides pipe-handling system components developed in-house to ensure maximum safety, reliability and productivity, including:

  • longitudinal conveyors (fixed and adjustable)
  • transverse conveyors (chain, walking beam, or transfer vehicle)
  • fixed supports
  • pipe-facing supports
  • SAW spinning units
  • no-tack units
  • ILUC garages
  • pipe-loading devices
  • pipe elevators
  • line-up tools
  • bead stall supports
  • firing line supports (roller and track)
  • stinger roller boxes
  • load measurement systems.

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