Royal IHC has sold a Beaver® 65 DDSP alongside a DMC 1450 workboat, booster station and discharge piping to Oretol Nigeria Ltd. The cutter suction dredger (CSD) and additional equipment will be delivered within four months, and deployed on various sand excavation and land reclamation projects, with a view to developing real estate in the Lagos Lagoon. The Beaver® will be assembled at Royal IHC’s yard in Kinderdijk, The Netherlands.

With a strong track record in dredging, Oretol Nigeria intends to upgrade its fleet and further professionalise its operation by partnering with Royal IHC. The powerful Beaver® 65 DDSP is the largest of Royal IHC’s standard series of CSDs and offers the highest volume of production at the lowest cost.

With an increased dredging depth of 25 metres and the ability to pump soil over great distances, the vessel will be a powerful addition to Oretol’s dredging fleet. Combined with the booster station, it will ensure that Oretol can work efficiently on land reclamation projects to the benefit of its real estate business.

The Beaver® series of standardised dismountable CSDs has proved highly successful for more than 50 years. One of the benefits of the vessel type is that it can be customised with standard or bespoke options to meet individual requirements.

“We are proud to have been awarded this contract by Oretol during these challeging times,” says Royal IHC’s Sales Manager, Bas Kockmann. “Oretol is a new customer to us, and we greatly appreciate the mutual respect between our two companies and the trust placed in the quality of our products. We look forward to building what we hope will be a long-term partnership with Oretol by working collaboratively on this project and in the future.”

“ORETOL selected Royal IHC based on the high levels of innovation and integrity it offered,” says ORETOL’s Executive Chairman Adewale Oladapo. “We were delighted by the sense of teamwork displayed by Royal IHC and look forward to the end result."

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