Royal IHC’s lifecycle engineering services help you ensure your operational vessels and equipment are in optimum shape for ongoing, extended and new operations. We translate your requirements into functional designs for modifications, renovations and upgrades on all equipment and systems. 

  • extensive knowledge of marine engineering 

  • flexible and customer-oriented engineering capacity 

  • highly-skilled and quality-driven project managers 

  • multi-disciplinary mechanical and structural engineers 

  • experienced naval architects. 

No engineering request is too small or complex

Customers can reach out to Royal IHC with all their engineering requests ranging from relatively small issues to extensive engineering of integrated systems. Engineering and design activities could be the continuation of previous feasibility studies, or a response to an actual requirement for equipment adaptation. Our multi-disciplinary teams manage mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and system integration engineering.  

Services also include basic and applied research, design evaluation and development, trials and operation plans, docking and launching plans.  

In-house expertise for creative solutions

To guarantee the best technical and most economical solutions, our in-house experts execute EPIC (engineer, procure, install and commission) projects during the design engineering of all operational offshore and dredging equipment. Our engineering skills include, but are not limited to, structural engineering, mechanical engineering and simulation, torsion and vibration analysis. 

In addition, our in-depth knowledge of naval architecture integrates a comprehensive understanding of the many laws of nature and statutory and non-statutory regulations of public maritime bodies, to which floating equipment is subjected. We relieve the pressure on our customers by progressing all types of class approvals. 

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