The Beaver® E is a fully electrically powered version of the standard Beaver® dredger. In addition to the unique features of Royal IHC's conventional CSDs, the Beaver® E dredger offers a number of added benefits in terms of sustainability, efficiency and reliability. It fully complies with the latest environmental regulations and is suitable to work in the most sensitive environments. 

With an identical dredging and hydraulic installation, the diesel-powered main ponton can just be exchanged for an electrical one. All current standard Beavers® types are available in an electrical version and are suitable for every common dredging project.  

By launching the Beaver® E, we further support the dredging industry with the sustainability challenges of today: operating in a more environmentally responsible manner and reducing emissions.

Why choose a Beaver® E dredger?

  • zero emissions plus limited noise and vibration disturbance
  • energy efficient 
  • electrical components are low maintenance 
  • flexible power source
  • same high reliability and excellent performance as our conventional Beavers®. 
Royal IHC Beaver® E visual

Electrical components

Delivered as part of the Beaver® E dredger

  • fully electrical engine
  • connection box for shore cable
  • transformer
  • switchboard
  • frequency drive. 

For shore supply we offer: 

  • advice
  • concept engineering and calculations
  • partial deliveries
Royal IHC Beaver® 65E

Full sustainable proposition

The Beaver® E series is standardised and soon available from stock. In addition, we offer the following: 

  • Sustainable business case
    Our dredge consultants can provide support to build a sustainable business case. 
  • Conversions / Re-use
    To convert a Beaver® to a Beaver® E, we can offer support and deliver a retrofit package.
  • Recycle
    Taking in old diesel driven Beavers® is possible when a customer buys a new electric version. 
  • Full electrical portfolio
    We are working on developing electrical work boats and boosters.  

Auxiliary Equipment

Delta multi craft workboat 1050

Additional equipment options include: 

Additional services

Checks for maintenance

We offer services applicable for: 

More information?

The Beaver 30E

Need help with your sustainable business case?

Please let us know and our experts will contact you.