Hyperbaric oxygen treatment chambers

Standardised or bespoke hyperbaric chambers for medical use

IHC Hytech’s hyperbaric oxygen treatment chambers (HBOTs) are designed, engineered and built to the latest standards and regulations of the medical industry.
  • High standard
  • First-rate quality
  • User-friendly
  • Comfortable

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment chamber types

IHC Hytech has developed a modular standard range of cylindrical and rectangular HBOT chambers. Ranging from six to twenty person designs, the system will be completely factory tested before delivery, and can be delivered on a turnkey basis.
IHC Hytech delivers complete systems, including control console, air compressors, air buffers and firefighting systems. All systems meet the latest industry standards.
Special care has been taken to ensure the reliability and ease of operation of the system, and service level agreements are provided to ensure maximum support to customers.

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