Cable burial typically takes place in notoriously harsh shallow water environments, that have high seabed drag and lift forces generated by strong currents and wave action. Traditional technologies have often struggled with such demanding conditions and this has led to project delays and increased costs.

The Hi-Traq® Jetter has been developed to tackle these shallow water environments and uses the successful ‘Royal IHC Hi-Traq® Multi Tool Trencher’ as its design foundation. The Hi-Traq® Jetter uses the same field proven Royal IHC patented 4 track under carriage system, which provides unparalleled performance over difficult terrain such as undulating sand waves and sloped seabeds.

The new Hi-Traq® Jetter provides 1200kW of power in a compact and light weight package. The vehicle weighs only 20Te and is capable of burring Ø450mm products into 3.3m trenches. The vehicle is built up in modules that can be rapidly taken apart and re-assembled allowing for shipping of the full vehicle in a single 40’ container.

Customer benefits 

  • low cost mobilisation
  • designed to be shipped in containers
  • track driven system allows for Increased operational window
  • faster trenching in wider range of soils
  • greater flexibility in route planning due to large travel suspension and auto levelling system.

Key technical features

  • operates in high currents and waves
  • trenches tight radii found on 2nd ends
  • traverse steep sand waves and boulders
  • 4 track ensures no sudden pitching over seabed terrain.


Base vehicle platform




L4.5m x W3.5m x H2.75m

Weight in air


Installed power

1200kW total, 6kV VSD subsea direct drive waer pump

Max. seabed slope

±45° (roll and pitch) drive capability

±20° (roll and pitch) levelling capability for vertical trenching

Max. seabed step


Min. water depth

5.0m (beachable with shore kit)

Automatic features

  • auto-heading landing orientation mode
  • auto-trench rate monitors & optimises tool trenching performance
  • traction control ensures smooth power transmission to tracks
  • auto levelling ensure trenching orientation and product grading is optimised.


Jetting package




Twin leg 1-3.3m depth jet legs

Jetting power

900kW at 16bar maximum pressure. Electrically driven pumps with variable speed drives used for optimal pump duty

Trench depth

1.0m - 3.3m

Jet leg separation

0.2m - 0.6m

Maximum product


Minimum turning circle

10m on product

Depressor MBR

3.0m (does not have to be fitted)

render of equipment in container

Container shipping

The Hi-Traq Jetter is suitable for shipping in a 40' container. 

More information?

  • Robert Haylock


    Sales manager subsea vehicles and launch & recovery systems

image of Hi-Traq® Jetter

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