Fundamental to our existence, it has brought Royal IHC to where it is today.

The quality of our vessels, equipment and services has brought Royal IHC to where it is today: a world-renowned supplier for the specialist maritime industry. It is fundamental to our existence. For that reason, we continuously strive for the highest possible levels of quality. We are proud to comply with social principles and current rules and legislation, while aiming to exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. 


In order to ensure a high standard of products and services, Royal IHC’s multi-site integrated management system is certified to the ISO 9001 standard for quality management. Depending on the product or services, specific certifications (eg EN 3834-2 for welding works) are obtained as well.  


Moreover, Royal IHC doesn’t stop at delivering high quality vessels and equipment. We are committed to our products and our customers’ projects, and offer a comprehensive service in the form of total logistical support, training, technical availability and on-board assistance. This worldwide support for the duration of Royal IHC products’ lifetime aims to optimise their performance and usability, maintain correct and safe operation, and guarantees a maximum return on investment by reducing operating costs.