R&D for an efficient and sustainable naval operation

We have an extensive R&D programme that enables our clients to operate as efficiently and sustainably as possible. By investing 3% of turnover in R&D, we rank among the top 50 innovation companies in the Netherlands. The aim of our R&D initiatives – in line with the company's innovation strategy – is to enable naval operators to perform with less personnel, increase their uptime and availability, improve performance and undertake more missions. And all this in a safe and sustainable way. To this end, we work together with other companies, and with knowledge institutes such as universities, Marin and TNO.

Solutions that we have already applied and further developed in this area:  

Part of R&D consortia for alternative fuels

We are part of two consortia of maritime companies and knowledge institutions that have received substantial funding from the Maritime R&D subsidy scheme of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.  MENENS consortium, aimed at developing adaptive solutions to accelerate the use of methanol in vessels and SH2ipDrive, for the acceleration of the development of hydrogen as an emission free alternative energy source for ship propulsion and energy systems.

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