Sustainability - the globe in our hands

Corporate sustainability

Our blueprint for a greener maritime industry

In an era defined by global challenges like climate change, coastal urbanisation, and economic shifts, the maritime industry faces a pivotal moment. At Royal IHC, we grasp the significance of these challenges and are committed to spearheading sustainable practices. Efforts that not only enhance efficiency but also prioritise the well-being of our planet, local communities, and future generations.

In the face of complex challenges, sustainability has become a top priority in the maritime industry. At Royal IHC, we're committed to spearheading efforts for a greener future. We understand the urgency of tackling climate change, protecting coastal ecosystems, and promoting economic resilience, all while prioritizing environmental stewardship and social responsibility

Addressing four key themes

To effectively address these challenges, we have identified four core themes that underpin our sustainability efforts:

  1. Sustainable Energy and Water Conservation: 
    We are committed to exploring alternative energy sources such as methanol and hydrogen to power our vessels while simultaneously minimizing water consumption in our operations.
  2. Emission Reduction: 
    Beyond carbon emissions, we prioritize reducing all forms of emissions, including sound emissions, to mitigate their impact on marine life and urban environments.
  3. Promoting Circularity: 
    We aim to minimize waste through innovative design and business models, prioritising the circular economy to ensure resource efficiency and minimize environmental impact.
  4. Fostering Sustainable Communities: 
    By investing in local communities and ensuring fair working conditions, we strive to create a positive social impact and support the well-being of our stakeholders. The IHC Foundation contributes to social, environmental and cultural activities on behalf of, and in cooperation with, Royal IHC employees around the world.


Structured approach

Our sustainability efforts are organised into three focus areas aligned with our business model:

  1. Products and Services: 
    From design to maintenance, we prioritise the development of efficient, zero-emission, and circular vessels and equipment. We also support our customers in adopting sustainable practices to achieve their goals.
  2. Operations: 
    We integrate sustainability into our business practices, from using sustainable energy in our facilities to reducing waste and fostering a culture of sustainability among our employees.
  3. Supply Chain: 
    We work closely with our suppliers to identify environmentally and socially sustainable alternatives, ensuring that our entire value chain operates in alignment with our sustainability goals.
Visual of RIHC sustainability strategy
RIHC Sustainability strategy

Collaboration is key

Achieving our sustainability goals requires collaboration across the entire value chain. We actively seek partnerships and engage with our customers to support them in their sustainability endeavors, aiming to transform Royal IHC into a net-positive company that contributes to environmental restoration and enhancement.

At Royal IHC, sustainability isn't just a goal – it's a journey we're committed to embarking on. By addressing key themes, adopting a structured approach, and fostering collaboration, we're laying the groundwork for a greener, more resilient maritime industry. Join us as we navigate towards a future where sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do.

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