The safety of the people who work for and with us as a core value.


At Royal IHC, we take care of our people and are proud of our craftsmanship and values: commitment, partnership and innovation. Safety is an important part of our craftsmanship and reflected in our products and way of working.  

Our goal is to ensure that everyone who works for us or who uses our products and services, can return home safely every day. To achieve this, within our I-CARE program we are working together to create an environment that is physically safe, socially safe and just. Physically safe through the provision of a safe working environment on all our sites. Socially safe through the creation of the right environment to have dialogues on safety dilemmas. Under the condition of a just culture: rewarding proactive behaviour and addressing undesired behaviour.  

In 2020, we launched our company-wide safety programme under the banner of ‘I Create A Right Environment’ otherwise known as ‘I-CARE’.  

With the I-CARE programme, we are building a proactive and learning organisation in which all employees take ownership and responsibility for safety. This is essential to achieve our ambitious goal of zero accidents together. The basis for this is support, awareness and leadership.

I-CARE safety compass

Our I-CARE safety compass guides us the way to ensure everybody returns home safe every day:

A guidance document and training video are available at the reception of our premises to inform customers, new employees, contractors, subcontractors and visitors of our safety rules and emergency contact numbers. 

We provide courses to increase safety awareness, and all employees – including our contractors and subcontractors – are expected to take the following values and rules to heart, and act accordingly.