Automatic Cutter Control (IHC ACC®)

Optimised dredging processes and production

The IHC ACC® controls all dredging-related equipment on board cutter suction dredgers, optimising the dredge processes and production within the dredger’s highest physical limits, the dredge profile and the soil properties. It works in collaboration with the IHC DPM®.

  • Optimal utilisation of all equipment on board the CSD
  • Prevents under- and over-dredging, clogging of the pipeline and pump cavitation
  • Enhances productivity by up to 30%
  • Reduces wear and tear, and saves fuel and emissions
  • Greater peace of mind for operators and enhanced safety

Applications and main features

  • Automatic swing, ladder and spud carrier motion control, geared to one another by the pattern coordination function.
  • Automatic pump control governs the flow in the discharge pipeline for up to three dredge pumps. There are multiple pump control modes, depending on the chosen ACC® version, including:
    o basic pump control and vacuum relief valve control
    o mixture transport control through Artificial Intelligence (AI) for up to three pumps
    o extended AI remote control for up to four booster pumps up to 15km
    o swing production control optimises production in relation to soil properties
    o cutter production control minimises spillage.
  • Can be delivered from standalone versions up to fully integrated (DCS-part) versions.
  • Suitable for remote software maintenance and upgrades.
  • IHC DPM® functions as profile-position input reference. ACC furthermore requires extensive sensor, I/O and functional exchange with actuators.
  • Can be applied on bucket wheel dredgers and bucket line dredgers.

Two IHC ACC® versions

Two versions of the ACC are available. One has been programmed for control functions using more conventional methods. The other incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) routines, considerably broadening the span of control to include very difficult operational challenges. Both versions provide a combination of the above mentioned functionality.

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