Dredging Control System (TSHD)

Efficient and fuel-saving system for the monitoring, control and automation of the dredging process

The integrated Dredging Control System (DCS) enables efficient monitoring and control of vital dredge process equipment either manually, automatically or through the use of artificial intelligence. This includes suction pipes, gantries, swell compensators, overflow ducts, gate valves, dredge pumps and auxiliary equipment.
  • Enhances operational efficiency and reduces fuel costs and emissions
  • Proven and reliable PLC/SCADA technology
  • User-friendly touch screen and operator preferences
  • Remote servicing possibilities
  • Saves installation costs and commissioning time

Main features

  • Suitable for trailing, dumping, discharging and rainbowing operations.
  • IHC knowledge-based software platform (Digisys) for monitoring, control and automation.
  • I/O handling by proven PLC/SCADA Ethernet technology.
  • From standalone components to fully integrated system.
  • One-man operated bridge extension possible.
  • Operator preferences for operational tasks.
  • Conventional and artificial intelligence control methods.
  • Reliable and robust dredging process sensors.
  • Integration with monitoring and automation systems such as VMS, PMS and PCS.

Efficiency-enhancing subsystems that can be integrated into a DCS

  • Production and pressure measurements (PRC®)
  • Position measurements
  • Suction Tube Position Monitoring (STPM®)
  • Automatic draghead winch controller (ADWC)
  • Automatic pipe sequencer system (APSS)
  • Draught and loading monitoring (DLM®)
  • Tons Dry Solids system (TDSS)
  • Automatic Light Mixture Overboard (ALMO)
  • Automatic Draught Controller (ADC)
  • Overflow Loss Estimator (OLE)
  • Eco-Pump Controller (EPC)
  • Sensor Diagnostics (SD)
  • Dredge Track Presentation System (DTPS & 3D-Viewer)
  • Trail Speed Controller (TSC)
  • IHC Connect
  • Ability to interface with systems such as VMS, PMS and PCS.

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