Overflow systems

Maximising the retention of solids

Overflow systems are designed to optimise the efficiency of the dredging process by draining excess water and leaving more weight available for the payload. They also limit the amount of turbulence in the hopper. 
  • An optimal, non-turbulent flow inside the hopper
  • Integration with newly-built vessels and can be retrofitted
  • Reduction of vessel's ecological impact

Different overflows

IHC’s range of overflow systems comprises the telescopic overflow and an upgraded version, the patented Plumigator® overflow. IHC’s telescopic overflow allows different levels to be set by a hydraulic cylinder. It has been carefully designed to guarantee an optimal, non-turbulent flow inside the hopper.

The Plumigator® overflow

Our continuous focus on innovation has resulted in an upgraded version of the telescopic overflow. The patented Plumigator® overflow tackles issues caused by the overflow process.

It not only offers less wear to the vessel’s components, but delivers a range of other benefits:

  • no additional moving parts (hydraulic cylinders or controls) unlike a traditional anti-turbidity valve
  • integration with newly-built vessels, or can be retrofitted if required
  • reduction of a vessel’s ecological impact.


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