Deep-sea mining

Integrated services and equipment for deep-sea mining

Royal IHC is your partner in deep-sea mining for technology and project development, and construction for polymetallic nodules. Through our integrated approach, we focus on achieving the highest levels of efficiency and minimising costs over the total mining life cycle. 

  • Track record for integrated marine solutions 
  • Combining our expertise in the dredging, offshore, maritime and mining industries
  • Leading technology provider for deep sea mining
  • High unit and efficient production devices

Specialised equipment for deep-sea mining

Our deep-sea mining capabilities are based on Royal IHC’s long history and extensive track record in the dredging, offshore, maritime, and marine mining industries.

As deposits get deeper, Royal IHC is your ideal partner for supplying remote subsea crawler mining systems. We are leading the development of an ultra-deep mining and vertical transportation system for deep-sea projects, operating in water depths of up to 5,000m. Innovations such as these make Royal IHC your technology provider of choice.


EU research and innovation projects

Blue Mining and Blue Nodules are EU-funded research and innovation projects.

Blue Mining addresses the deep-sea mining value chain, including resource discovery and assessment, exploitation technologies, and legal and regulatory framework. Exploitation technology development focuses on the vertical transport system and ship-to-ship transfer of ore. 

The objective of Blue Nodules is to develop a sustainable deep-sea mining system for harvesting polymetallic nodules from the sea floor with minimum environmental impact. Technology development is focused on the subsea vehicle and collector.

Blue Nodules

  • Deep-sea mining - Blue Nodules

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