Reeling systems

Reliable reeling systems for spooling and deployment of materials

Royal IHC’s reeling systems are designed for deployment, redeployment or storage of various types of material, such as umbilicals, hoses, risers, mooring hawsers and flexible pipe. All systems can be delivered with IHC hydraulic power packs and control systems.

  • Principle engineered
  • Extensive application  knowledge
  • Local content capabilities
  • Minimum interfaces
  • According to spec, and on time and budget

Reeling systems fit for all maritime purposes

IHC can supply any reeling system to meet customer requirements. Designed for the demanding conditions of the maritime markets, we provide reeling systems for:

  • ROV umbilicals
  • offloading hoses
  • mooring hawser assemblies
  • flexible pipe
  • hose bundles for hydro- and waterhammers.

IHC reels are tailor-made, reliable and safe. They can be produced at the company’s facilities worldwide or in cooperation with one of our partners. This makes IHC a flexible partner, and enables us to comply with demands for local content.

Reeling system features

  • Single drums.
  • Electric, electro-hydraulic or diesel-hydraulic driven. 
  • Available with or without spooling devices.
  • Compliant with latest rules and regulations.
  • Single- or multi-layer. 
  • Electric or hydraulic power control systems.
  • Skid-mounted or containerised.
  • Suitable for hazardous and non-hazardous areas.
  • Material spooling onto drum.

IHC Reeling systems can be extended through the delivery of hydraulic power units, control and automation systems, tensioners and other accessories as loose items or fully integrated.  

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