J-Lay systems

Royal IHC’s J-Lay systems overcome integration challenges to ensure maximum performance is achieved

We design and construct highly advanced J-Lay systems that enable the efficient, reliable and safe installation of a wide range of multi-joint rigid pipes in environments ranging from shallow to ultra-deep waters.

  • Specialised in J-Lay systems for ultra-deep water
  • Rapid cycle time ensures superior efficiency
  • Advanced functional safety to IEC 61508 standard
  • Tailored solutions to maximise combined experience
  • Structural analysis considers fatigue and weight optimisation

Highly efficient J-Lay pipelaying systems

Our J-Lay systems are designed and built to ensure maximum safety, performance and reliability. We have a proven track record in delivering J-Lay systems that exceed expectations, while close cooperation with our customers’ operators – combined with our industry experience – ensures the delivery of a highly efficient pipelaying solution.

Royal IHC’s J-Lay systems are capable of installing a wide range of multi-joint rigid pipes. The wide angle of adjustment ensures the systems can perform efficiently in both shallow and ultra-deep waters.

Dedicated to performance

Having delivered the world’s most advanced J-Lay systems, we are continuing to push the boundaries with new technology. The key design drivers throughout development of our J-Lay systems are: the efficiency of the pipe handling operations to ensure low cycle time; weight optimisation; and safety in all areas.

The design is tailored specifically to J-Lay operations to ensure there is no compromise in performance. This results in high laying rates, as firing line operations are conducted more efficiently.

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