Gain insight into the health of your assets with our Condition Based Monitoring Portal

Optimus is an online portal that assists you in generating real time insight in your assets’ health condition. It will enable you to quickly identify faults, plan your maintenance and ultimately decrease downtime. In addition to this it will help in proving what cost benefits your condition based monitoring program has achieved as it provides you with a KPI dashboard where the business impact is clearly indicated.

  • Proven value of your Condition Based Monitoring Program
  • Minimise asset downtime
  • Improved performance, output & efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance cost

Take control of your asset maintenance

The online portal focuses not only on guiding the CBM process and illustrates the conditions of your vessel, it also acts as a single source of truth and enables data driven decision making.

It will provide you with:

  • KPI dashboard showingvalue & business impact created by your CBM program
  • Condition monitoring dashboard showing the current status on:fleet, vessel or asset with parameters like: temperature and vibration
  • Job management guiding the complete CBM process.

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