CSD simulator operator training

For dredge masters of cutter suction dredgers

This IHC course gives operators a unique opportunity to enhance their skills using state-of-the-art dredge simulators. This exclusive programme has been designed for operators of cutter suction dredgers.

Learning goals

  • Enhanced knowledge and skills for the  technical and economical use of your CSD

Training topics

All subjects that are outlined during the training sessions will enable attendees to perform with maximum efficiency: 

  • operational preparations
  • dredging procedures 
  • dredging in challenging situations.

The following topics will also be addressed: 

  • practical issues 
  • desk controls 
  • basic dredging exercises 
  • startup and shutdown procedures 
  • settlement processes 
  • suction processes 
  • the dumping process and procedures 
  • emergency procedures.

Training methods

Theoretical and practical training will take place in the classroom and on a simulator. The course is held in The Netherlands, and is performed with the use of realistic 3D simulators providing underwater views. 

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