OTTer®-Pumps in short

Our OTTer®-Pumps form a complete range of compact and cost-effective dredging units. These pumps are equipped with a highly efficient single-walled dredge pump with a large spherical passage and outstanding suction properties.

Why choose our equipment? 
  • versatile and flexible
  • high efficiency and multi-purpose use
  • wear resistant Maxidur®5 and Large Sphere passage
  • cost-effective
  • easy to handle, operate and maintain.
IHC OTTer®-Pump attached to Amphibious Excavators for dredging in challenging areas like rivers, canals, swamps or marshlands.
OTTer® 200-Pump with sand production head
IHC OTTer®-Pumps are modular and can be fitted with a sand production head and suspended from a pontoon platform.
OTTer®-Pump fitted with a sand production head and suspended from a pontoon platform.

Versatile submersible dredge pumps

OTTer®-Pumps are versatile submersible dredge pumps that can be operated from (amphibious) excavators, suspended from cranes or fitted to small pontoon vessels utilizing a vertical suspended system or ladder arrangement.

An OTTer®-Pump fitted with a cutter unit
OTTer®-Pump fitted with a cutter unit
Dimensions of an OTTer®-Pump
OTTer®-Pump dimensions
Main specifications
OTTer® Pump150-65200-95250-150300-250350-375
Max. mixture capacity (m3/h)5509001,3002,0002,700
Max. pump power (kW)6595150250375
Capacity (m3/h)6595145210280
Dredge pump dimensions     
Suction diameter (mm)150200250300350
Discharge diameter (mm)150200200300330
Ball passage (mm)81108130162190
Pump base unit (kg)1,0151,5752,4354,0554,210
Sand production head (kg)105185290480605
Cutter unit (kg)6907258251,3151,375
Optional suction heads
OTTer® Pump 150-65 200-95  250-150  300-250 350-375 
Cutter drive     
Max. power at shaft (kW) 13 21 25 44 46
A: Height pump base unit (mm)1,415 1,545 1,755 2,060 2,240
B: Diameter pump base unit (mm)1,020 1,135 1,340 1,540 1,735
C: Height sand production head (mm) 1,070 1,400 1,625 1,780 2,135
D: Height cutter unit (mm) 1,450 1,450 1,550 1,825 1,960


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A TT-pump suspended from an excavator

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