Understanding how your assets perform is vital in order to maximise operational efficiency to achieve lowest cost per tonne product. Only by having insights into the inner workings of an asset you will know if it is running at optimal performance. It will also enable you to make better-informed decisions and anticipate operational downtime or fix any issues quickly. 

That is why we offer Operations Monitoring, a smart digital solution in the customer engagement platform My IHC, that provides insight into the performance of your equipment.

Check 24/7 how your vessel or equipment is performing
Operations Monitoring is presenting the operational data from your mining dredger or equipment in an easy-to-understand dashboard, accessible via desktop or a mobile device. You don’t have to be on-site or onboard to know how your mining dredger or equipment is performing. 

Decades of wet mining and dredging experience included
We do not only provide you with information about the performance of your assets via the Operations Monitoring module in My IHC. Proactive support by our mining consultants is part of this digital solution.

Operations Monitoring on your equipment or vessel?
Mining dredgers that meet certain technical criteria are suitable for retrofitting. Liaise with your Royal IHC contact to see what the opportunities are for your fleet.

Key features

Your operational data in a dashboard

  • Monitor mining vessels and equipment 24/7 based on:
    - location
    - asset overview
    - operational indicators (such as fuel consumption and production)
    - alarms and notifications  
  • View and share shift/trip reports
  • Record, display and analyse project information
    - record project information digitally for authorized users within your organisation to see
    - display all information on a project in one overview
    - analyse and communicate project information to relevant stakeholders (such as – daily – condition information)

Consultancy support included

  • Onboarding training (first year)
    To help you get started using Operations Monitoring.
  • Quarterly meetings with a mining consultant (year 2 and 3)
    Review of available data and ​discuss opportunities to improve performance​.

First line support

Customer support is available for assistance outside the meetings.

Operations Monitoring
Fleet overview
Operations Monitoring
Operations monitoring mobile
Current status
Operations monitoring alarms
Operations monitoring location
Operations monitoring

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