The future of the Offshore Support Vessel (OSV) industry is brimming with exciting opportunities, driven by emerging trends and evolving needs. We now find ourselves at an important crossroad, where operational versatility, the surge in renewable energy, the resurgence of oil & gas, and new frontiers intersect, necessitating innovative design solutions.

Embrace versatility 

The era of single-purpose vessels is a thing of the past! Tomorrow's OSV will evolve into a multi-role platform, driven by the following principles

  • Compact and integrated designs
    We'll see streamlined vessels with enhanced space utilisation, optimising functionality while minimising fuel consumption.
  • High workability in harsh environments
    Cutting-edge materials and engineering will guarantee exceptional manoeuvrability and resilience against waves, instilling confidence in navigating challenging seas.
  • High operability with low cost of ownership
    Smart technologies with high levels of autonomy and predictive maintenance will optimize performance and at the same time reducing downtime and fuel expenses 
  • Increased comfort in accommodation and efficient workflows
    The synergy between crew well-being and efficient operations is undeniable. Through ergonomic layouts, enhanced climate control and digital tools, crew comfort and productivity will be elevated. 
Renewable energy leads, oil & gas remains a key player

The burgeoning renewable energy sector offers a substantial growth avenue for OSVs beyond the conventional use case in the oil & gas sector. Envision vessels customised for:

  • Wind farm support
    Support vessels to provide turbine services, transport technicians, and facilitate cable laying, all while minimizing environmental footprint.
  • Wave and tidal energy extraction
    Tailored vessels crafted to deploy, maintain, and service these ground-breaking energy sources.
  • Revitalisation of oil & gas
    While renewables rise, the oil & gas sector isn't fading away. We anticipate a demand for new OSV tonnage for installation & construction support, ROV support & survey work
  • Deepwater exploration and production
    Advanced vessels that are equipped for remote operations and challenging environments.
  • Subsea operations
    To aid complex underwater tasks like pipeline inspections, cable inspections and repairs with specialised equipment. 
Royal IHC MPSV separator
Royal IHC FSV T85-20 per back
Royal IHC FSV T85-20
Charting new frontiers

Simultaneously, the future transcends traditional horizons. OSVs are delving into deep-sea mining: exploring and extracting valuable minerals from the ocean floor, necessitating robust and versatile vessels. Additionally, in aquaculture and research: facilitating sustainable offshore fish farming and scientific exploration with specialised platforms.

Design principles for the future

What does this mean for the design principles of OSVs? Compact and integrated designs aim to maximise functionality, while minimising environmental footprint. Flexibility in design, which embraces a holistic approach and accommodates various alternative fuels such as biofuels, Methanol and hydrogen. This multifaceted approach optimises performance and efficiency, ensuring our OSVs remain adaptable and future-proof in the evolving offshore energy landscape.

By embracing these design principles and trends, we can shape the future of OSVs, ensuring that the vessels of tomorrow are adaptable, sustainable, and capable of navigating diverse frontiers. This endeavour extends beyond simply designing and building ships; it's about crafting solutions for a changing world, driven by innovation and committed to a sustainable future for our oceans and our industry.

Royal IHC MPSV - per front
Royal IHC MPSV - per front
Royal IHC FSV - per front
Royal IHC FSV - per front
Royal IHC FSV T85 - 20 deck

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