Innovative design changes result in highly efficient vessels

Integrating all critical equipment in the concept design phase and applying small but clever innovations resulted in efficient, safe and maintenance-friendly pipelaying vessels.

Smart solutions in an integrated design


Sapura Topazio

Design integration

To accommodate pipe loading over the stern without exceeding the maximum length of 146m, the chutes are integrated into the steel structure. Pipe is fed through a loading tensioner on deck and passes over intermediate guide chutes, before being loaded into one of the underdeck carousels (2,500t & 1,500t).

Sapura Onix per stern

Large free deckspace

The vertical lay tower is positioned directly aft of the accommodation and over the moon pool. This arrangement allows for a large worktable to carry out activities on pipes and pipe ends, leaving an additional large free deck area.

Sapura Jade

Height limitations

To achieve the maximum air draft of 48 meters, the A&R post, top aligner and tower top crane of the 550t flex lay tower can be tilted in a matter of minutes.

Sapura Rubi

Easily adjustable

Depending on the diameter of the pipeline, different pads on the tensioners are required. With 350 pads per tensioner, this can be quite time consuming. Royal IHC devised an innovative system with a single retainer – and pin to remove it – making it as quick and easy as possible.

Sapura Jade

System integration

Integration of platform and mission equipment has been achieved through the use of the Integrated Vessel Management System. This integrates the vessel’s Power Management System (PMS), DP system and Alarm & Monitoring System (AMS) with the control and monitoring logics of the main switchboards and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s), and communicates with the lay tower control system.

Sapura Diamante


To limit the need for spare parts, and to maximise uptime, Royal IHC has designed the 550t pipe laying vessels for Sapura with a uniformity of components in mind. And as the 550t vessels are identical, operational and technical crew members are able to work on all vessels without the need for additional training.


vessel leaving yard

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