Delta Multi Craft (DMC) work boat

Standard multi-purpose work boat from stock

The DMC work boat series is designed to optimise the operation of IHC Beaver® cutter suction dredgers (CSD).
  • Available from stock 
  • Perfect fit with IHC Beaver® series 
  • Enables high uptime on your dredging site

Delta Multi Craft: the all-round supporter

DMC work boats can perform all supporting operations for your IHC Beaver® CSD, including:

  • hoisting cutterhead and pump parts
  • anchor handling
  • floating pipeline handling
  • towing
  • delivering stores 
  • crew changes.

Delta Multi Craft and IHC Beaver®: the perfect couple 

Delta Multi Craft Work boat DMC 1050 DMC 1450
Designed for IHC Beaver® IHC Beaver® 300, 40 ,45 50* IHC Beaver® 50, 65 DDSP
Length x breadth (m) 10.4 x 4.05 14.7 x 6.0
Installed power (kW) 165 2 x207
Bollard pull (kN, approx.) 16 55
Deck crane SWL (kNm) 81 410

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