Service operation vessel

A new offshore service operation vessel with a focus on safety, comfort and efficiency in the most demanding conditions

To meet the needs of today’s offshore wind industry, we have designed a state-of-the-art service operation vessel based on our extensive experience in designing and building highly integrated offshore vessels. The vessel features a fully integrated service package with provisions for one active heave compensated crane and one motion compensated gangway to allow for safe support operations. Moreover, sufficient covered deck space is available for a variety of workshops and equipment containers.

Key focus points in the development of this vessel are: crew and passenger safety; a comfortable living and working environment; and vessel efficiency in terms of workflow and propulsion systems.

  • Safe transferring
  • Crew comfort
  • Operational efficiency
  • Purpose-built
  • Low installed power

Operational excellence

The focus on accommodating and transferring crew in the most challenging conditions make this vessel unique in its class. It features a highly efficient power and propulsion system with the engine room in the aft, away from the accommodation to reduce noise and vibrations. This improves crew and passenger comfort significantly. 

Safety is guaranteed by integrating all transfer equipment into the vessel at the high level IHC is renowned for. High level integration and quality equipment also guarantee high uptime figures –another key driver in this market.

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