Understanding the gravity of the matter

At IHC Mining, we recognise the value of your resources. That’s why our geometallurgical and consultancy services deliver the data to unearth the full economic potential of your mining operation. Combining modelling and simulations with in-house comparative testing, we advance the mining and mineral processing industry.

We know how important data and insights at an early stage in the mining life cycle are, and the impact this also has on equipment selection. All this knowledge and experience eventually results in our customers being able to improve on their operational efficiency, lower the cost per tonne and make their activities more sustainable. 

Our approach

Everything coming together in the mining operation

Dredge mining

IHC Mining has a strong track record in designing and building fully electric mining dredgers. These vessels are custom-made to perfectly match individual project conditions, resulting in optimal efficiency and a more sustainable operation.

Efficient slurry transport

Slurry transport is a key process in both our dry and wet mining solutions, and is at the heart of IHC Mining’s technology. Our durable in-house product line of slurry pumps deliver high-density and high-pressure performance, and we can develop the most efficient transport method for each project.

Floating process plants

By combining Royal IHC’s shipbuilding history with its process technology capability, we are in the perfect position to design and manufacture floating process plants. These can be designed to meet project-specific site conditions and always make use of the best-available process technology.

Geological services

Unlocking the potential of a deposit starts with a full understanding of geology and mineralisation. Our specialists provide a variety of expert advisory services relating to explorations, deposit modelling and resource estimation, and can even provide ‘competent person statements’ if required.

Metallurgical test work

As every deposit has its own unique features and characteristics, a clear understanding of the metallurgical aspects of each site is essential. IHC Mining’s laboratory provides the necessary insights through which maximum value from each deposit can be extracted.

Mine design and scheduling

With the aim of maximising output and minimising impact, IHC Mining’s advisory team develops mine designs and schedules for both dry and wet mining operations.

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