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Beaver® Dredger

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Beaver® in short 

Beaver® CSDs are reliable, fuel efficient, have low maintenance costs and are extremely productive at all dredging depths. We have a proven track record of 60 years, with almost 1,000 of these cutter suction dredgers supplied worldwide since 1963.

Over the years, the design of our Beaver® is continuously improved using the latest technological developments and feedback from our customers. Innovations and digital solutions are added - such as electrification and operations monitoring solutions - which improves operational efficiency and a sustainable performance. 

These dredgers are capable of dredging compacted soil types and materials, such as clay and rock. High accuracy and a continuous rate of production ensure that our Beaver® vessels are ideal for many dredging jobs, such as land reclamation and the construction of new harbour basins and canals.  

Why choose a Beaver® dredger? 

  • reliability due to high maximum uptime and high performance
  • lifetime product support with unique dredging expertise at any moment of production
  • short delivery time, available from stock 
  • opportunity of customer financing 
  • best value for money, lowest cost per m3.

Elevate your business with the Beaver® 50, now available from stock!

If you're looking for the perfect blend of performance and affordability for your business, the Beaver® 50 of Royal IHC is just what you need! 
Discover our stock opportunity in LATAM with the Beaver® 50 – a dredger designed to enhance your business’s productivity while reducing environmental impact. The Beaver 50 comes with a hydraulic setup that ensures effective operations and capabilities.

However, that not all – as Royal IHC goes beyond the purchase! We also offer a range of consultancy services, including tailored training for the Beaver®. This Beaver can be equipped with some accessories that can improved much more your production. So, from acquisition to training, we've got your back!

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