Strategic importance of the seas

Our seas are becoming more and more strategic for the economy and connectivity worldwide. Keeping the trade routes safe and easily accessible is one of the obvious interests of nations, as are fishing grounds. Building offshore wind farms is contributing to the transition to cleaner resources. But what about what lies underwater? The infrastructure on the ocean floor ensure our oil & gas supply, and with the growing digitalisation the communication cables for transmitting data are of eminent importance.

Subsea cable breaks

As more and more cables and infrastructure are needed for all communication worldwide, the number of cable breaks increases. The majority of these breaks are caused by fishing crawlers, ships dragging anchors, but also environmental factors like earthquakes cause damage and cable faults. However malicious intent can not be excluded, since a cable break can have severe economical, societal and security implications. 

Due to the growing importance of the seas and the growing tensions between nations, seabed warfare is an significant risk. Protecting data and power cables, but also infrastructure for extracting and transporting oil & gas is high on the governmental agenda. 

We offer several solutions for the protection and repair of subsea infrastructure such as telecom cables. 

Multi –tool for subsea intervention

Seabed Crawler
Seabed Crawler

The seabed crawler is an efficient tool for protecting underwater infrastructures performing intervention and inspection work. Specially designed to operate in harsh conditions such as shallow waters or through the surf zone. The multi-tool can handle a different variety of payloads. 

Rapid response times

Cable drum engine on board vessel
Cable drum engine

When a cable breaks a short mobilisation time is important. We offer containerised cable repair solutions that allow for a quick response time. The cable repair equipment can be transported to a vessel of opportunity and assembled on site. We provide solutions for repair of power cables and fiber optic telecoms cables. 

cable plough in sea with cable

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