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Protection of subsea infrastructure

Damaged infrastructure can have severe economical, societal and security implications. We offer solutions for inspection, detection, repair and mitigation.


Protection of undersea infrastructure

Protecting data and power cables, but also infrastructure for extracting and transporting oil & gas is high on the governmental agenda. Damage to this infrastructure has a great impact on daily life, economy and security. Royal IHC designs, manufactures and delivers several solutions to help protect undersea infrastructure.  We supply high-end reliable equipment for inspection, detection, repair and mitigation.


For performing underwater inspections of cable, pipelines and structures of offshore installations with an ROV, AUV or towed system, we design and deliver launch and recovery systems (LARS). We provide easy-to-operate systems that allow precise and efficient control on launch and recovery operations. We can also provide hydrographic surveying systems for imaging the seabed with sonar. Our hydrographic system is an accurate tool for the design, planning and execution of your operations.


ROV’s and AUV’s are used to detect and identify objects that do not belong to the installed infrastructure such as eavesdropping equipment or explosives. For safe and efficient deployment of the ROV and AUV we supply bespoke launch and recovery systems. Application of sensors can also contribute to the detection of threats. Our Hi-Traq® trencher can be outfitted with survey, sensor or sonar equipment.

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When a cable is damaged or breaks, the shortest mobilisation time possible is of the essence. We offer containerised cable repair solutions that allow for a quick response time. Equipment we provide:

  • Containerised linear cable engine: for handling, laying and retrieving fiber optic communication/telecom cables
  • Cable lay spread: full spectrum of integrated lay equipment; cable drum engine, linear cable engine, hydraulic power unit and cable transporter, winches.
  • Subsea vehicles like Hi-Traq® trencher: efficient tools for retrieval of damaged cable.
  • Launch & recovery systems: for the safe deployment and retrieval of ploughs, trenchers, ROVs and AUVs. All our LARS are designed to maximise availability and minimise operational costs. 


Deeper burial of subsea cable can prevent cables from breaking by fishing boats and anchors or from sabotage. Trenchers and ploughs from proven practice and with different technical specifications are essential. We offer a range of trenchers and ploughs for the safe burial and protection of power cables and fiber optic telecom cables. Shallow or deeper water, harder or softer seabeds: our experience and knowledge is yours to benefit from. Our subsea vehicles can be upgraded throughout their life cycle to confront new challenges.

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