Dredging technology

All IHC dredge pump designs and many other dredging products have benefited from  IHC MTI’s vast knowledge about hydraulic transport. This experience has been gained for more than 70 years and results in thorough advice on the design of dredge pump installations and other dredging related components and the appropriate selection of the right dredging equipment. 

In order to give optimum advice to our customers IHC MTI experts perform geotechnical research and interpretation. They can make estimations of dredging performance and perform troubleshooting in case our customer’s dredger does not meet the expected output.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Flow analysis by means of computational fluid dynamics form the basis for many consultancy assignments of IHC MTI and new product developments of Royal IHC. The design of many dredging components of Royal IHC such as dredge pumps, cutter heads, dragheads and overflows benefitted from the outcome of flow analyses and multi-phase flow model developments of IHC MTI experts. 

Furthermore it is used for offshore technology and environmental inquiries such as exhaust smoke propagation analysis, tidal turbine performance analysis, offshore jacket force analysis and many more.