Cutting-edge upgrade to Royal IHC’s Australian metallurgical lab

News published on
19 February 2021

Royal IHC’s Australia-based mining specialist – IHC Robbins – has relocated its metallurgical test facility to the industrial suburb of Yatala, Queensland (30 minutes from Brisbane’s CBD), as well as completing a comprehensive upgrade. The laboratory has now almost tripled in size to 1,400m2 and will allow IHC to build on the first-class service it provides to the market, as well as its regional customers.

A platform for the future
By increasing analytical and bulk processing capacity, the upgraded facility will enable the company to build on IHC Robbins’ proven mining consultancy capabilities, which comprise advisory, geological, metallurgical and engineering services. For example, IHC will now be able to complete drill program analyses and process bulk samples to the order of 100 tonnes. 

As an independent laboratory, IHC Robbins has configured its new facility in order to conduct side-by-side comparative test work on full-scale and scalable equipment from industry-leading manufacturers, as well as newly emerging technologies. This enables it to determine the optimum processing option for customers.

Innovative systems and equipment
In addition, IHC’s expanded metallurgical service capabilities will facilitate a wider range of test work options, ensuring a more competitive delivery of results. Alongside the improved setup of classifiers, gravity concentrators, magnetic separators and electrostatic separators, IHC has also commissioned the following new equipment and systems.
Heavy liquid laboratory
A larger and more efficient heavy liquid laboratory design enables IHC to enter drill sample characterisations with a competitive cost-per-sample scale. Up to 100 samples per day can be prepared and processed using a non-toxic heavy liquid media known as ‘LST’. This can also be offered as a turnkey modular LST laboratory, which is ideal for remote locations or where site mobility is essential. 

XRF assaying system
The upgraded assaying system will allow a batch of test samples to be prepared and assayed within an hour. Compared to dispatching samples to a third-party assay laboratory, this same-day in-house service allows IHC to complete its test work faster and more economically. 

Reflux classifier 
Recent advancements have given this innovative technology the potential to replace a multi-stage spiral circuit, reducing capital costs, steelwork and floor space. The reflux classifier is capable of efficiently processing fine-grained and complex deposits that traditional beneficiation methods struggle with.

Split process water reticulation
The facility will boast a new split-water reticulation system – designed specifically with high purity silica sand in mind. This permits the simultaneous processing of multiple commodities without risk of sample contamination.

“We are delighted to have developed this state-of-the-art new facility in Australia,” confirms Arno Kruger. “It showcases the determination we have to deliver a world-class service to our customers in the region, and further afield. By expanding our proposition to the market in this way, we are ensuring that we not only remain competitive, but continue to add value throughout the mining cycle.” 


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