Eight years of commercial service with an unrivalled global track-record

The I-Trencher is a versatile trenching system with a high power-to-weight ratio. This tracked trencher is suitable for trenching and backfilling flowlines, umbilicals and cable products.

  • World leading 1.25MW power
  • Combined cutting and jetting with no reconfiguration required
  • Custom sand share for minimum trench collapse
  • Detachable buoyancy modules for operations on soft seabeds
  • SS5 LARS with heave compensation

Cutting, trenching and backfilling system

The I-Trencher is a self-propelled and highly manoeuvrable tracked machine that has been designed with three primary modes of operation: cutting using digger chains, open V-cut trenching, and backfilling.

All three operations are performed using digger chain assemblies – proven mine-based technology – instead of cutting and transporting soil. 

The I-Trencher is capable of excavating a two-metre deep trench in a single pass at a maximum water depth of 1,500m. 

Trencher for both cables and pipeline burial

The I-Trencher was developed for Canyon Helix and is one of the most widely utilised tracked trenchers in the world, having completed numerous pipeline protection projects. Although originally intended for pipeline burial, this tracked trencher has also proven itself in the cable burial market.

In addition, the I-Trencher has been used extensively for the installation of inter-array and export cables at a number of North Sea wind farms.

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