Hi-Traq offshore trencher

Hi-Traq trencher offers unrivalled manoeuvrability and traction capabilities for shallow water operations

Royal IHC’s Hi-Traq features a unique self-levelling suspension system for the installation and burial of power cables. It is able to endure the harsh environments typically found at offshore wind farm locations.

  • Traversing, steering and trenching on slopes of up to 20⁰
  • Self-levelling system maintains stable operations and consistent depth
  • High performance chain cutter for hard ground trenching
  • Four independent tracks ensure smooth break-over points
  • 15m radius trenching capability

Reliable platform for trenching operations

The award-winning Hi-Traq has been specifically designed to address the issues encountered on previous offshore cable lay projects where varying soil conditions have led to project delays. Hi-Traq features multiple tooling options that facilitate both jetting and mechanical cutting operations.

The mechanical cutter chain (2.3m BoT) provides maximum operational efficiency while minimising pick wear. With 900kW of jetting power the system is capable of trenching products in soft soils to 3.3m BoT. In addition, we have developed a tooling suite for a number of IRM requirements.

Tracked subsea vehicle for a wide range of activities

Although specifically developed for the offshore renewables industry, challenging environmental design requirements have led to the production of a very capable vehicle, scalable to a range of activities across a myriad of subsea environments. From a jetting-only lightweight variant to a heavy multi-tool vehicle, Hi-Traq can be used for a range of burial activities involving power cable or pipelines, and flowlines or umbilicals.

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