Cable ploughs

Royal IHC designs and constructs ploughs for the burial of submarine, telecom and larger diameter subsea power cables

An extensive track record, underpinned by over 15 years’ success in the supply of trenching machines to the subsea industry, has enabled us to develop the world-leading Sea Stallion plough design. 

  • Trench depth maximised through aggressive share design
  • Patented tilting bell-mouth to ensure a low tow point
  • Plough configurations to suit a range of products up to 5m MBR
  • Patented anti-cavitation jetting system improves burial efficiency
  • Tow force reduction through symmetrical share design

Innovative share design

Unlike other 'vertical knife' ploughs, the forward rake of the Sea Stallion cutting elements create an additional downward force during operation. This ensures consistent and reliable product burial, even in stiff clays and sands.

Sea Stallion 3 cable ploughs have extensive track records burying telecommunication cables across the globe. Furthermore, the Sea Stallion 4 has gained worldwide recognition for its performance in the offshore wind power cable industry, both for inter-array and export cable burial.

World leading technology

Having successfully operated at water depths of up to 1,500m, our range of Sea Stallion cable ploughs has defined new standards in the submarine cable installation and protection industry.

Our proven technology is able to demonstrably facilitate effective cable burial up to 3m depth in a wide range of seabed conditions while minimising residual tension in the installed cable. Solutions such as these have assisted in the development of a range of seabed preparation equipment for pre-lay operations such as boulder removal, and ripper tools.

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