Jhonlin Marine Trans has invested in a Beagle® and a Beaver® 65 from IHC Dredging. Jhonlin Marine Trans is the marine subsidiary of Jhonlin Group, one of the largest companies in Indonesia under the ownership of Mr. Samsudin Andi Arsyad. The signing of the contract is an important first step in the collaboration of the two companies to develop the dredging capacity of Jhonlin Marine Trans. 

Rangga Rishar Saputra, Country Manager Indonesia for Royal IHC, said: “We are grateful that Jhonlin and Mr. Isam has put their faith in IHC Dredging in developing their dredging capacity. The investment in the Beagle® 4 and Beaver® 65 as the first purchase from IHC Dredging is a significant commitment. We look forward to building what we hope will be a long term partnership as we work together to develop their dredging capacity”.

The Beagle® 4 is part of a series of trailing suction hopper dredgers with a proven design, designed for a wide range of dredging operations and known for high efficiency and maximum deployability. The Beagle® 4 has a hopper capacity of 4,000 m3 and can dredge to a depth of 25 metres. 

Known for its fuel efficiency, low maintenance costs and extreme productivity at all dredging depths, the Beaver® 65 is the largest of the standard cutter suction dredgers. The Beaver® 65 has a 650 mm pipe diameter and can dredge to a maximum depth of 18 metres. The Beaver® 65 for Jhonlin will be extended to a maximum dredging depth of 25 metres.

Both vessels will be delivered from stock. Delivery is expected in mid-2024.

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