The Beagle® in short

The Beagle® is available in four models (hopper volumes ranging from 4,000 to 12,000m3) and can be tailored to your needs. This standardised TSHD is a cost-effective solution with shorter delivery times compared to a custom-built dredger with similar capabilities.

Why choose the Beagle®?

  • all-round performance
  • high-end technology
  • fuel efficiency and sustainability
  • focus on uptime and maintainability.
Trailing suction hopper dredger Beagle® 4 frontview

All-round performance

With the agile design each Beagle® trailing suction hopper dredger can be adapted to perform in a wide range of conditions, including tough soils. By discussing your requirements, we provide different options to make the Beagle® fit for purpose and allow you to maximise your earnings.

Throughout the life cycle of the Beagle® the platform of this trailing suction hopper dredger can easily be adapted to carry out new tasks, by you, with you or for you.

Beagles® are currently operating on projects across the world, including waterway maintenance and land reclamation works.

High-end technology

When choosing the Beagle® you benefit from over a century of dredging evolution and experience. We offer you a proven design that features Royal IHC’s state-of-the-art dredging products and our latest innovations.

Examples of our state-of-the-art dredging products

  • The Plumigator® overflow: significantly reduce the amount of air under and around the vessel.
  • Our high production and easy adaptable drag head (Mighty dragon) to perform in all kinds of soil conditions.  
  • Slurry pumps with Curve® technology to increase lifetime and production.
  • Our integrated Intuitive Hopper Control Chair (IHCC) system with advanced controllers, specially developed to withstand the demanding dredging environments and help you maximise dredger performance.
One man bridge TSHD Beagle®
TSHD Beagle®
Hull design of trailing suction hopper dredger

Fuel efficiency and sustainability

Our extensive experience in designing and building hopper dredgers and the use of the latest software tools have enabled us to optimise our hull designs. Creating the lowest resistance possible while maximising the payload carrying capacity.

Best-in-class fuel efficiency
Together with the well-balanced engine room layout with a focus on minimum efficiency losses and optimal loading of the engines in all operational modes the Beagle® provides best-in-class fuel efficiency resulting in the lowest GHG emissions.

Reduce your ecological footprint
Available options for exhaust gas treatment or even for the use of alternative fuels will reduce further on the ecological footprint of your Beagle®.

Trailing suction hopper dredger Beagle® 4 engine room

High uptime and easy maintenance

Integrating redundancy from top to bottom, the Beagle® delivers operational competence and reliability. Effort is made to provide ease of maintenance. It delivers you high levels of uptime, making your vessel a cost-effective option.

Support throughout life-cycle

Royal IHC is in for the long run. From help financing your Beagle® purchase to supporting you to improve the performance and uptime of your assets.

Beagle®: a smart TSHD

Learn from your operational data how well your Beagle® is performing from anywhere in the world. Every Beagle® is delivered with a ‘smart’ digital solution in an easy to use dashboard (desktop and mobile) to provide insight and help you make better-informed operational decisions.

In need of help understanding the data? Our dredge masters and consultants support you in the preparation, operation and optimisation of your dredging activities. 

Sharing our knowledge by training your crew

Beagle TSHD simulator

Want to further enhance the skills and knowledge of your crew in operating and maintaining a trailing suction hopper dredger? The IHC Training Institute provides a full range of high quality courses to strengthen and consolidate the knowledge and skills of operators, technicians, project engineers and managers. With the Beagle® simulator a variety of dredging situations can be trained in a realistic setting including 3D underwater views. Hazardous situations can be experienced without danger, risk or loss of production.

Increase uptime with our global technical support

TSHD Beagle® Shanti Sagar 17

Our experienced service engineers help increase uptime by providing maintenance support, repairs and all necessary spare parts.

On request we can extend our services with a digital solution to see online the condition status of your on-board equipment to help schedule preventative maintenance, further increasing your vessel uptime.

Four models available

Beagle® Beagle® 4 Beagle® 6 Beagle® 8 Beagle® 12
Hopper capacity (m3) 4,000 6,000 8,000 12,000
Suction pipe (mm) 2x 600 2x 700 2x 800 2x 900
Suction depth (m) 25.0 27.5 27.5 (52) 36.0 (65)
Length oa. (m) 87.5 99.5 104.5 127.0
Breadth (m) 19.6 22.6 24.2 28.4
Speed (kts) 12.9 13.7 14.0 15.0
Product Manager Beagle® Jacco Damman

Beagle® trailing suction hopper dredgers are agile platforms with Royal IHC’s leading dredging technology, that provide excellent operational efficiency and contribute to a sustainable future for their owners.

Jacco Damman - Product Manager Beagle®
Beagle® 4 - trailing suction hopper dredger (hopper volume: 4,000 m3)
Beagle® 4 (hopper volume: 4,000 m3)

Modular design

For each Beagle® many options are already prepared and can be added during construction phase or at a later stage when the dredger is already operational, making the Beagle® ideal for a range of dredging tasks now or in the future. In addition to this, customised adaptations to the vessel can always be discussed with our experienced engineers.

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Beagle® Trailing suction hopper dredger TSHD

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