We offer a wide variety of hydraulic power units (HPUs) for offshore and onshore use. These can be configured for any set of  requirements. We are able to offer both open and closed loop, with or without auxiliary circuits and boost systems. They can range from 11kW up to 800kW.  

Benefits of a rental hydraulic power unit 

  • quick delivery
  • competitive price
  • high reliability
  • a track record of over 20 years of refining our system. 

Our international team of experienced operators are available to mobilise, maintain and operate the equipment for you, both on- and offshore, for global operations.

HPU Control panel

Essentials for our HPU's offshore and onshore

A simplistic design allows for ease of use and our team of experienced operators are available for maintenance throughout any project requirement. Additionally, we have highly experienced technicians available to set up and operate the HPU.

Side view of blue HPU

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Side view of blue HPU

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