Used to lay, recover and repair subsea cables, LCEs are powered by a hydraulic power pack and controlled with a remote, ergonomically designed, control desk. Our linear cable engines are of robust design, and suitable to be operated in the most hazardous environments the industry has to offer. Our approach to the design of our LCEs is modular, meaning we connect LCEs together to form longer units, starting from a 3 pair to a 24 pair LCE.

What we offer

  • guides with cable counters  
  • maximum dynamic pull tension 0.75te per wheel pair 
  • pass objects up to 400mm  
  • simple deck installation with removable feet  
  • wheel pairs will automatically close and can hold the product for over 1 hour in emergency or power loss situations
  • quick turnaround (depending on wheel pairs required)
  • competitive price
  • high reliability on all LCEs
  • track record of over 20 years.

Due to our global operations, and local sites, we supply equipment worldwide. Our international team of experienced operators are easily available to mobilise, maintain and operate the equipment for you, both on- and offshore. 

Back view of 21 pair LCE inside hall

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Back view of 21 pair LCE inside hall

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