Our powered quadrants, are designed to be used for the purpose of cable transpooling operations (i.e cable manufacturing facility to carousel/vessel cable tanks) and can be used within such industries as the power industry and telecommunication industry. They are powered by a hydraulic power pack and controlled with a remote ergonomically designed control desk. With its robust design it is suitable to be operated in the most hazardous environments the industry has to offer. The unit comprises of an LCE & HPU mounted into steel frames, 2x quadrant arms & subsequent frames complete with a certified lifting bridal suitable for suspension, and is suitable for cable sizes up to 200mm.

What we offer

  • self-contained control desk  
  • digital readouts for cable tension, speed, distance 
  • modular design for ease of transportation  
  • wheel pairs will automatically close and can hold the product for over 1 hour in emergency or power loss situations
  • very quick turnaround
  • competitive price
  • high reliability
  • track record of over 20 years.

Due to our transport companies, and other strategic sites, we can offer all of our equipment all over the world. We can also offer highly experienced operators to mobilise, maintenance and operate the equipment onsite and offshore. 

Blue powered quadrant hanging from crane

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Blue powered quadrant hanging from crane

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