Used in the laying and retrieval of subsea cables, 15t tracked tensioners are designed to be used within such industries as the oil and gas and renewables industry. Our tracked tensioners have an assisted render function which allows the set tension to be held consistent by controlling the speed of the tracks automatically. 

If needed, we can configure two 15t tensioners to operate together, offering a combined capacity of 30 tons.

The break back function allows the top track to pivot out of the firing line to pass a quadrant through. It is powered by an integrated hydraulic power pack and controlled with a remote ergonomically designed control desk. 

In an emergency, or power loss situations, the tracks will stay in their position and can hold the product for over 1 hour. It's robust design is suitable to be operated in the most hazardous environments the industry has to offer. 

What we offer

  • Tensioners suitable for cable sizes between 50mm and 400mm
  • The option to configure two 15t tensioners to operate together, with a combined capacity of 30 tons.
  • A break back function which pivots top track out of firing line to pass quadrant (we also provide non break back tensioners)
  • Self-contained control desk  
  • Simple deck installation with removable feet 
White 15 tracked tensioner with backbreak
Tracked tensioner

Our track record

We offer tracked tensioners on a quick turnaround, and at a competitive price. Our tracked tensioners are of high reliability as our system has been designed, simplified and tweaked over the past 20 years.

Due to our transport companies and other strategic sites we offer all of our equipment worldwide. Our experienced operators are available to mobilise, maintain and operate the equipment onsite and offshore. 

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Tracked tensioner

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