To prolong the life cycle of your hydraulic system, and prevent costly breakdowns, you need to regularly flush your system. Our hydraulic flushing units supports you in this, through clean, uncontaminated, equipment. 

Our units combine high flow, with high pressure to clean the hydraulic lines in your system. The turbulent flow that rushes through the lines, then eliminates any trace of contamination. Leaving you with a system that ensures quality operation. 

What we offer

  • flow rates & pressures fit to your system
  • unit capacity sizes tailored to your needs
  • suitable units for both onshore and offshore usage
  • particle counter
  • optional boost units and pumps.
Coupled 1200 L flushing units

Booster units

When it comes to larger pipes, up to 300mm diameter, to properly flush the lines, a booster unit should be used. In combination with the 1200 liter flushing units, they generate a constant flow, giving short high pressure bursts. 

With a track record varying from small local, to large international projects, we have acquired an elaborate understanding of hydraulics. This is reflected in our in house teams's experience and knowledge of our product life cycles. From design, to construction and maintenance of our fleet, we do everything in house. Making us your one stop shop for worldwide supply, support and operations. 

All equipment, whether full system or individual unit, is available for rental. You can even opt to have one of our experienced engineers on board to operate the instrument.

200 liter flushing unit in grey

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Flushing unit 300 liter in white and grey

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