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Beaver 50® of Dredge Masters in Ghana

A total solution for the dredging needs in Africa

Dredge Masters in Ghana aim to become the leading provider of dredging, marine and related services in Africa.

To help them achieve this goal, we have provided a total solution for their dredging needs and access to the latest technology: two Beaver 50® dredgers, two Delta Multi Craft workboats to perform all supporting operations, critical spare parts and training packages, a planned maintenance programme and two discharge pipeline systems. 


Developing dredging capabilities in Vietnam 

DACINCO Investment Construction Company Limited in Vietnam is developing their dredging capabilities. The delivery of the DACINCO 07 (a Beaver® 65 DDSP cutter suction dredger) marked the start of a long-term partnership with IHC Dredging.

In addition to commissioning the dredger and transporting it to the first project location, we organised the training of staff and crew. Strengthening the partnership, we later agreed on the delivery of an additional Beaver® 65 DDSP cutter suction dredger. The leader of DACINCO believes our Beaver® dredgers are “one of the most innovative, advanced and ideal cutter suction dredgers currently in the world”. 

Reference list

Our reference list provides insight in the long and rich history of our standardised cutter suction dredgers, the Beaver® series.

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Beaver at sea


Since 1963, we have supplied almost 1,000 Beaver® dredgers worldwide.

Timeline of Beavers
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