As a trusted maritime solutions provider, IHC Defence designs, builds and maintains navy ships, defence equipment and accessories. It is a reliable partner to its customers, not only in The Netherlands, but also globally. From design to delivery, IHC Defence offers solutions and support for the full life-cycle of naval vessels and navy equipment. This encompasses: R&D; design and engineering; production; equipment; and services (ISS/ILS).

The key to IHC Defence’s success is to start with proven cost-effective technology and seamlessly integrate military specifications. This is further supported by its strong project management capabilities and cutting-edge processes. The result is that naval operators can perform with less personnel, increase their uptime and availability, improve performance and undertake more missions.

Defence capabilities

All industry-related capabilities are harmonised within IHC Defence, including the ability to deliver on specification, budget and in time, respecting the highest safety standards. The necessary infrastructure and IT-related requirements also guarantee the utmost confidentiality, essential to defence projects. 

IHC Defence develops and maintains market-specific integrated capabilities, including:

  • engineering: meeting expectations and high-standard requirements
  • craftsmanship: using trained and experienced personnel to manufacture high-quality complex navy vessels and defence equipment
  • project management: having processes, capabilities and control systems in place to manage complex projects
  • partnerships: spreading project risks, making full use of supply chain capabilities, and jointly developing technologies and capabilities.

As an integral unit within Royal IHC, IHC Defence also benefits from a broad range of in-house expertise, such as expertise for hyperbaric diving equipment. In addition, its excellent location and spacious shipbuilding hall are key factors behind the success of IHC Defence.

Defence videos

  • Naval Group IHC Team for the Dutch Walrus Submarine Replacement Program

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