Royal IHC has been awarded the contract for the engineering and equipment delivery for a new 6,540m³ Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger (TSHD) for Weeks Marine Inc. (Weeks). This is an identical vessel to the MAGDALEN that was delivered in 2017. Part of the contract is the supply of key components as well as the provision of several technical services during the construction process.

The vessel, which will sail under the name R.B. WEEKS, will be built at Eastern Shipbuilding Group’s Allanton Shipyard Panama City, Florida. The new TSHD is designed for beach nourishment and capital dredging works and is highly automated.

Royal IHC is honoured to have been selected by Weeks once again for the vessel design and supply of key components. This repeat order confirms the satisfaction expressed by Weeks about the construction of the MAGDALEN and its performance, and underlines Royal IHC’s proven track record in designing world-class dredging vessels and equipment. Moreover, Royal IHC is very excited and committed to become the partner of choice in a very challenging but promising market, which has all the signs of picking up momentum.

Hans B. Blomberg, Weeks’ Technical Manager Hopper Dredgers, says: “We are excited to be working with Royal IHC again on our sister vessel construction project.  Royal IHC’s engineering and hardware supply services will assure that we will once again have a first-class vessel utilising the most modern and innovative technology available on the market.”

His view is shared by Erdinç Açıkel, Royal IHC’s Head of Custom-Built Hopper Dredgers, who adds: “We are proud that Weeks – a long-standing and highly valued customer of ours – has again chosen Royal IHC to be its reliable partner. It underscores the trust that this leading market player in the USA puts in the performance and technology of our engineering and dredging solutions.”

Key components

Like the MADGALEN, the R.B. WEEKS will be equipped with Royal IHC-designed and built equipment, including the complete and highly efficient dredging installation, dredging automation and instrumentation, propulsion and main electrical system.

The vessel will again be equipped with Royal IHC’s unique dynamic positioning and tracking (DP/DT) system and eco pump controllers, which will both further enhance its efficiency.

Technical services

Royal IHC will also provide a number of technical services, including the assistance of its qualified engineers for inspection during installation of the delivered equipment at the shipyard, and support during start-up and commissioning of the dredger. The delivery of the R.B. WEEKS is scheduled for early 2023.

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