Royal IHC has been awarded another contract by Van Oord to design and supply the dredge installation for its new 10,500m3 trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD). The suction pipe installation with underwater pump, two dredge pumps and three jet water pumps will be installed on the new TSHD and built in Singapore.

Earlier this year, IHC was commissioned to deliver similar systems for two other Van Oord TSHDs. “We were delighted to receive this repeat order from Van Oord, a long-standing and highly valued customer of ours,” says IHC Group Executive Director Diederik van Rijn. “It underscores the trust that leading market players put in the performance and technology of our dredging solutions.”  

The installation involves IHC’s most advanced pump technology: an 1,100mm suction tube with one underwater pump and two high-efficiency inboard dredge pumps. All are equipped with Curve® impeller technology and three jet water pumps. “The performance of this system is market leading,” confirms Van Rijn. “We worked closely, in a cooperative and open fashion, with Van Oord to design and integrate a solution tailored to their specific requirements.”

Van Oord’s Director Ship Management Jaap de Jong adds: “We are aiming to build a state-of-the-art and more energy efficient fleet. The collaboration with IHC helps us in applying innovative dredging technologies, as well as improving the overall productivity and efficiency of our vessels.”

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