Our equipment offer includes offloading hose reels & tandem mooring systems, as well as riser pull-in systems. These are available on floating production units, such as: 

  • Floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO)
  • Floating production systems (FSO) and 
  • Floating liquefied natural gas facility (FLNG) 

Offloading hose reels & tandem mooring systems for FPSO, FSO, FLNG

We design and supply complete integrated tandem mooring and offloading systems for floating production units.  

Offloading systems

Royal IHC can fabricate the offloading hose reel to any diameter, length and type of hose (OCIMF or API 17K). We have experience with various hose reel diameters, for both single and double layer storage.

Our tailor-made spooling device reduces wear and tear on the offloading hose, and helps the hose to spool smoothly. If required, our systems can be delivered with an ESD valve, offloading hose string, MBCs, QC/DCs and OHTP (North Sea valve).

Offloading system

Tandem mooring systems

We deliver complete tandem mooring systems that warrant safe and efficient operations between the floating production unit and a shuttle tanker. These comprise:

  • mooring hawser reel
  • mooring hawser assembly
  • quick-release mooring hook
  • integrated load monitoring
  • hydraulic and/or electric controls.

Riser pull-in systems

We supply and engineer custom-built pull-in winches, turndown sheave trolleys, winch-skidding systems, traction-winch systems, hydraulic power units and dedicated control systems.

Riser and mooring pull-in winch
Designed for the harsh conditions of the offshore industry, we can supply any winch to meet your requirements for turret moored or spread moored units, as well as any other floating production unit.

Our rotary-drum winches are available up to a line pull of  650mT in both a horizontal or vertical pulling direction.

Riser pull in

We offer options such as

  • single or multi-layer
  • spooling device
  • flat or (LEBUS) grooved drums
  • control consoles
  • steel wire rope or synthetic rope suitability
  • electric or hydraulic driven.
Mooring pull-in winch


Whether you need an offloading hose reel, riser pull-in system or tandem mooring system, our systems are certified for operations in hazardous (ex) areas. Designed according to class and all relevant rules and regulations.

Bunker reel

Bunker reels

We are specialists in the design of hose reels for all types of bunker stations. These can be either hydraulic, electric or pneumatically-driven, single or multiple drum skids, suitable for transporting diesel, hydraulic oil, chemicals, and fresh and waste water.

Our bunker-loading stations are:

  • easy to operate
  • delivered with a reliable, self-contained electro/hydraulic power unit
  • designed in accordance with the highest safety standards
  • suitable to be used for applications in hazardous areas.

To comply with local regulations, we can supply locally-built, turnkey solutions.

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