Split hopper in short

As the name suggests, a split hopper literally splits in half over the entire length of the vessel to dump its contents. As a result, the discharge of soil in this type of hopper happens very rapidly. Our split hoppers are designed for seagoing and inland use. The ease and speed of disposal makes them highly attractive for use in combination with backhoe dredgers, cutter suction dredgers and grab hopper dredgers. We can also convert this vessel to a trailing suction hopper dredger with a trailing suction pipe system, or to a grab hopper dredger by installing a crane.

Why choose our split hopper?

  • cost-effective option for executing various dredging projects 
  • competitive pricing
  • rapid discharge of dredged soil
  • sophisticated ship design
  • adaptable through various modular add-ons. 

Smart split hopper

Insight in the performance of your asset leads to better-informed, data driven decisions and improved operational results. That is why every new split hopper of IHC Dredging comes with three-year access to Operations Monitoring. A smart digital solution in My IHC that allows you to stay on top of your operation. You don’t have to be on board to know how your vessel is performing.

More information?

  • Oscar ten Heggeler

    ten Heggeler

    Manager Design Custom-built CSD and SDE

Split hopper Pagadder

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