Tailings re-handling and reprocessing

Integrated solutions for tailings storage facility reclamation

Tailings deposits are found everywhere in the world where there is ongoing or legacy mining activity. These man-made deposits can present challenges for the owners, but can also hold interesting opportunities. Either way, sustainable re-handling and reprocessing of tailings is becoming a more prominent part of mining operations. 

IHC understands that tailings management requires a careful approach and integrated solutions in which all aspects relating to re-handling, water management and reprocessing are taken into account in a sustainable way. 

Our extensive knowledge of water, soft sediments and slurry transport allows us to develop innovative technologies for water management and the beneficial reuse of tailings to create a circular solution. We have both in-house solutions and partnerships in place to achieve cost-effective and sustainable solutions for tailings. 

We offer a complete range of studies, and engineering and equipment solutions to support mining companies in addressing the ever-increasing challenges associated with tailings.