Inter-array cablelay vessel

Specialised vessel for offshore wind cablelay projects

The most cost effective and efficient array cablelay vessel designed to help you win cable installation projects. This vessel spends the majority of its time offshore installing cables using a cablelay system specifically designed for repeating installation sequences of large amounts of array cables.

  • Fast loadouts
  • Specially designed for deeper water
  • Correct size for inter-array, lean design of material flows and storage
  • Large deck space via carousels below deck
  • In-line quadrant for safe, fast and efficient pull-in operations

Exactly the right capacity

The design of the inter-array cablelay vessel is based on extensive knowledge of marine cablelay operations. From loadout at the cable manufacturer to burial of the cable into the seabed, this is currently the most efficient design, with all the correct dimensions.

The two carousels below deck can be loaded simultaneously, and offer protection to the cable against environmental influences. This results in extra deck space for containers with protection pieces. The containers are placed around the large quadrant that makes operations in deeper water possible, while creating a good flow of materials.

Specifications CLV T4000-22

  • Length 112.49m
  • Breadth 22m
  • Cable capacity of 4,000t (two 2,000t carousels)
  • Space for 14 containers
  • Quadrant with 50m track
  • Segmented carousels for four different types of power cable
  • Cable repair functionality included
  • Option to add a 100t knuckle boom crane or motion compensated gangway

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